Otaniemi research infrastructure for micro- and nano-technologies (OtaNano, ) is a national research infrastructure focusing on competitive research in nanoscience and nanotechnology, and in quantum technologies. It offers a variety of fabrication processes and equipment for micro- and nano-structures. The comprehensive facilities include various imaging and characterisation equipment, like electron microscopy, nanomicroscopy and X-ray scattering devices. OtaNano is an open access research infrastructure, operated by Aalto University and VTT, and available for academic and commercial users internationally. The OtaNano facilities are  Micronova (, the Low Temperature Laboratory (LTL,, and the Nanomicroscopy Center (NMC, All the facilities are located in the Otaniemi, Espoo campus area to provide maximum ease of use.

The materials research is also benefiting by RAwMaters Infrastructure (RAMI) which supports expertise in the design, synthesis and characterization of a variety of inorganic materials. RAMI contains the selected research infrastructures at the departments of Chemistry, and Materials Science and Engineering for research related to natural and new inorganic materials and circular economy. RAMI is part of the EIT Raw Materials KIC’s infrastructure network.

In addition, the Aalto Bioproduct Centre is a modern bioeconomy ecosystem at the Otaniemi campus. The centre meets the multidisciplinary needs of research and education, fulfilling the requirements of a modern bioeconomy. At the Centre, students and researchers cooperate with established industry and start-ups. The Aalto Bioproduct Centre is a key part of the joint national bioeconomy infrastructure between Aalto University and VTT. The Aalto Bioproduct Center opens May 2017.

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