The Research Group for Microfabrication (Prof. Sami Franssila)

The group develops materials and fabrication processes for a wide variety of micro- and nanodevices: fluidic, chemical and biosystems, thermal devices, and fuel cells.

Microfabrication group works on silicon, glass and polymer technologies, especially patterning (thick resist lithography in SU-8, hot embossing/imprinting of Ormocer hybrid polymers, PDMS replica casting, etching (DRIE and wet), thin film deposition (ALD, PECVD, sputtering) and wafer bonding (anodic, fusion, adhesive). MECHALD project is a Aalto-VTT joint effort to understand mechanical properties of ALD thin films. The efforts of the group are geared towards ultrathin films, suspended membranes, thermal properties and adhesion of ALD films (with prof. Jari Koskinen). Microfabrication group has also experience in spin coated (CYTOP) and plasma deposited fluorocarbon films, SAMs and plasma treatments of polymers.

Prof. Sami Franssila

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