Mission, key activities and values of Materials Platform

Mission and strategic vision of Aalto University Materials Platform have been developed during 2017. The Materials Platform key activities are focusing on emerging opportunities in popularising materials research and supporting the multi- and cross-disciplinary initiatives.


Materials Platform aims to promote cross-disciplinary collaborations and communication, inside and outside Aalto University, to advance the field of materials science and its applications.



The Materials Platform promotes the active exchange of ideas and opportunities for researchers and educators to contribute to society and the quality of life. It advises and provides a reference point for implementing activities and creating spaces where art, design, business, science, and technology sum their efforts to advance associated applications and innovations.


Key activities

  • Materials Platform promotes scientific and educational excellence and creativity;
  • Materials Platform proposes activities for collaborative exchange of ideas and efforts;
  • Materials Platform helps to integrate multi- and cross-disciplinary initiatives;
  • Materials Platform communicates, connects and seeks opportunities for Aalto members to advance materials science, technology, and design.




About Aalto University Platforms

Aalto University platforms serve the different areas of research and are sharing the common goal: develop and promote collaboration between Aalto University schools, departments, and industry. They connect parties in fields of digitalization, energy research, health and a few more. Follow the link to read more about platforms and their development. >>


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