Materials Platform

Born in 2017, the Materials Platform is a think tank that receives input from stakeholders inside and outside Aalto University in relation to materials research, education and outreach. The Materials Platform channels activities to foster multidisciplinary efforts, networking and visibility. Everyone interested in materials research is welcome to join the activities.

At Aalto University, there are over 60 professors related to materials research, and their expertise in these areas covers a wide range of fields: from condensed-matter and materials physics, nanoscience and nanotechnology, mechanics and materials to the sustainable use and processing of natural resources. Aalto University’s materials research thus contributes to diverse applications in ICT, energy and health technologies, business and design, and many other areas.

The materials research at Aalto University is well-established in excellence: Publications in materials science at Aalto are cited 55 % more than the world average (MNCS 1.55). 17.8 % of our publications belong to the most cited 10 % in the world (Top 10 = 17.8 %). Aalto hosts two Academy of Finland's Centres of Excellences and over ten on-going ERC grants related to materials research. The annual budget of the materials related research at Aalto is 75 MEUR, from which one third comes from external sources.




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