Department of Materials Science and Engineering
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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Research in materials science and engineering is focused on the development constructive, functional and active materials and their industrial applications.

The Department of Materials science responsible for the Degree Programme of Material Science and Engineering. There are about 400 Master of Science students at the department.

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Latest publications

  1. Sukhomlinov, D.; Aspiala, Markus; Taskinen, Pekka
    Thermodynamic study of MgO-Sb2O3 system and the stability functions of magnesium antimonite
    Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, 2014. Vol. 72, s. 71-76.
  2. Feng, Dawey;Taskinen, Pekka
    Thermodynamic properties of Ag3AuSe2 from 300 to 500 K by a solid state galvanic cell
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2014. Vol. 583, s. 176-179.
  3. Tesfaye, Fiseha; Taskinen, Pekka
    Thermodynamic properties of equilibrium phases in the Ag-Cu-S system below 500 K: Experimental study
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